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Purpose-driven, high-quality content is now more important than ever. Your business is online. Your conferences are online. Your AGM is online. Your audience is online. Make sure your voice is heard – loud and clear. 

Aligned with your values and mission, I capture content that reflects it. 

Great light, sound and high quality footage, a video that captivates your audience. 

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My Services

The aim is clear – produce high quality digital content that captivates your audience. While the online world is getting swamped by poor quality footage, make your message stand out by combining valuable content with a high quality finish. 


Video Production

Engaging interviews, keynote speeches and corporate social media soundbites – let me produce high quality video content to meet your business needs.


Virtual Events Editing

Captivate your audience with a professionally edited virtual event. Turn disjointed video footage into an engaging, informative session.


Project Management

Need help with a creative project? Let me take a lead on producing the most engaging, high quality, valuable content to support your cause.






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Helping Freelancers
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Rebellious Creative

I’m a multi-media content creator working in the areas of photography, video production and project management. I get things done quickly, smoothly and efficiently. From initial concept to the final delivery, my aim is to help you create high-quality, meaningful video content that best reflects your business or project. I specialise in filming interviews, talks, keynote speeches, and corporate soundbites, edited specifically for social media use and virtual distribution. 

Fuelled by single-shot lattes. 

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Creative Work

From product and event photography, filming keynotes and interviews as well as producing promotional digital videos, I produce high quality content to make your business stand out.

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Product Photography

Producing Purpose-Driven Digital Content

Kaja Choma

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